Also, the company is currently working on a new pickup platform.

Through the voice of its vice president of marketing, Ed Laukes, Toyota has confirmed it is toying around with the idea of a hybrid pickup truck for the American market. Speaking to Automotive News’ reporter Laurence Iliff at the State Fair of Texas last week, Laukes revealed a hybrid truck could be a good addition to the brand’s pickup portfolio.

“There's absolutely no reason we couldn't have a hybrid truck,” he told the publication. “All those options, we're exploring. When you're trying to raise you CAFE limits for the entire brand, there's no option that isn't on the table.”

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While this statement sounds pretty vague, we won’t be surprised if the Japanese manufacturer gives the project the green light, considering Ford’s intentions to bring a hybrid F-150 to the market by the end of the decade. Most likely, we will have to wait until next year to receive official confirmation, but we definitely believe Toyota’s hybrid pickup will see the light of day in the next five years.

More hybrid trucks coming by 2020:

During the interview, Laukes also revealed the engineers of the company are currently working on a brand new architecture for trucks, set to be used in the next generations of the 4Runner, Sequoia, and Tundra.

“We are working on that right now. To continue to be able to address that, we have to work on upgrades. Let's face it, the competition is getting stronger and stronger. Things like the [Ford] Ranger coming back. We have to be able to address that. Now, the Tacoma was completely redone. But 4Runner, Sequoia, Tundra ... those are being worked on as we speak.”

Toyota believes the pickup and SUV segments will continue to grow as the company is increasing outputs for its crossovers and trucks. “We still think the segment has room to grow. Especially among millennials, it's going to continue. So we're preparing for that.”

Source: Automotive News

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