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Christian von Koenigsegg set up shop in Ängelholm, Sweden back in 1994, but it wasn’t until 2002 when the company’s first production car was delivered to a customer. This new video recorded during the Koenigsegg Owners Tour party gives us the opportunity to actually meet the very first customer, Stephan, who still drives his CCR. Together with 18 other cars, this was the biggest Koenigsegg convoy ever and was organized over the course of a weekend in July.

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The second edition of the Owners Tour, which Koenigsegg plans on hosting annually from now on, gathered the 19 hypercars in Malmö before embarking on a tour around the southern Sweden. The multi-million-dollar convoy decided to make a pit stop at the Ring Knutstorp track in Kågeröd before continuing its adventure on the beautiful roads of Sweden’s countryside while being assisted by several Polestar-optimized Volvos serving as support vehicles.

CCR, One:1, Agera, Regera, you name it. It was there. The Regera is our personal favorite, a $1.9-million hypercar of which only 80 units will ever exist. Needless to say, all of them have already been sold despite that eye-watering price tag. The attached video actually ends with the Regera surrounded by all the other Koenigsegg gems.

It appears to be the U.S.-spec model exhibited earlier this year during the Monterey Car Week. The 1,500-horsepower beast flaunted its newly developed aero package enhancing maximum downforce to an amazing 849 pounds (385 kilograms) compared to the stock car’s 683 lbs (310 kg). It goes to show that even the most technologically advanced hypercars out there can be improved as development never stops at Koenigsegg.

There is one first world problem when it comes to buying a Koenigsegg: you will have to wait four years to take delivery as the Swedish brand aims to assemble just 25 units in 2017. In regards to the future, a four-door sedan is on the agenda whereas an SUV is out of the question.

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