Honda phased out the beloved S2000 back in 2009, but in recent years we’ve been hearing rumors about a possible reboot. These were fueled in June 2015 when a mysterious set of patent images emerged to show a Honda sports car, which might have been an early sign of a new performance coupe. Unfortunately, the vehicle hasn’t been shown yet in the flesh, so it remains to be seen whether the patent pics will eventually have a correspondent in the real life.


Gallery: Possible Honda S2000 patent images

Pictured above, the car in question was most likely previewing a concept taking into account it had cameras instead of traditional side mirrors. The slender headlights corroborated with oversized air vents up front and a massive diffuser at the back were also traits of a showcar rather than a road-going model.

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After our early attempt to envision the front end of the production-ready model, we have now decided to speculatively render the derrière of what could very well be an S2000. Latest intel suggests it will actually happen towards the end of 2018 with an estimated starting price of $50,000. If it will arrive next year, the new performance coupe would come to celebrate two decades since the launch of the original S2000 and at the same time it would be a nice way to mark Honda’s 70th birthday.

It is believed the third-gen S2000 is going to make use of a new turbocharged gasoline engine fitted with an electrically driven supercharger to get rid of the dreaded turbo lag. Output of the mid-mounted engine is expected to surpass 320 horsepower (238 kilowatts) transferred to the road via a dual-clutch, eight-speed automatic transmission.

Honda Sports EV concept teaser

Let’s keep in mind Honda will attend this month’s Tokyo Motor Show with a Sports EV concept, which might give us a clue about the company’s intentions towards coming out with a new sports car. It’s too early to know whether it has anything to do with the much-debated S2000, but it could at least be an indication of a plan to spice up the range.

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