Striker will be out of play for between two and four weeks.

Argentinian soccer star Sergio Aguero will be out of play for between two and four weeks following a car accident in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Manchester City striker fractured a rib earlier this week, when his taxi hit a lamp-post going to the airport for a flight back to Manchester.


Aguero was on a day off in Amsterdam, attending a live show of the Colombian singer Maluma. The accident happened less than 48 hours before his club’s derby match against Premier League rivals from Chelsea.

“The taxi driver did not see the curve and skid. And when he skidded, we hit him with the pole. I broke my rib, now I’m resting. It hurts me badly,” Aguero told Radio Metro de Argentina.

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Initially, it was reported Aguero’s injuries could be worse and he could miss up to eight weeks, but a source close to the player told ESPN FC that his injuries are not as bad as predicted. In addition to Manchester City’s game against Chelsea this weekend, he will also miss Argentina’s crucial match of World Cup qualifiers next week.

"Thank you with all my heart for the supportive messages, they really do help me in recovering,” Aguero wrote on his Twitter account yesterday after returning to the UK. "I'd like to thank the staff of the VU University Medical Amsterdam for their care and support. Hats off to all their team. I'm home in Manchester after an exam by club [doctors]. It's a broken rib. Hurts, but I'm fine, fully focused on recovery. Thank you all!"


His club’s manager, Pep Guardiola, confirmed he won’t be playing in the next two weeks and revealed he was on a confirmed day off during the crash.

"I think days off are to be happy. I want the players to be happy. Always I am a manager who doesn't like to train every day. I think the players have to rest mentally and physically. They can enjoy their lives. I want my players to have fun,” Guardiola told ESPN FC.

Source: The Guardian and ESPN FC

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