Abu Dhabi, much like fellow member of United Arab Emirates Dubai, is known for being home to some very flashy automobiles. You need to have something special to stick out there, and this Speed Yellow BMW M4 Convertible with tuning by AC Schnitzer might be bombastic enough to make an impression. It’s available from Abu Dhabi Motors, which is the official importer of BMW, Alpina, and AC Schnitzer vehicles into Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

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BMW M4 AC Schnitzer
BMW M4 AC Schnitzer

After seeing creations from aftermarket firms like Liberty Walk, AC Schnitzer’s body kit for the M4 is refreshingly understated. It includes carbon-fiber pieces that adorn the front splitter, drive planes, mirror caps, and rear accents. The parts integrate into the droptop’s stock appearance well enough that it’s believable that these upgrades come from the factory. The dark-finished exhaust tips look fantastic, too. If any of the styling goes too far, it’s the thin-spoke AC Schnitzer AC1 wheels that don’t quite fit the rest of the subdued, yet sporty styling.

Inside, this convertible incorporates a Speed Yellow stripe that outlines the cabin and features matching stitching. Carbon fiber accents add to the sporty appearance.

BMW M4 AC Schnitzer

Abu Dhabi Motors only mentions this convertible having the body kit, wheels, and exhaust from AC Schnitzer. However, the tuner also offers upgrades to the 3.0-liter biturbo inline six that would give the M4 extra power to match this more aggressive look. The firm’s work takes the engine output to 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) and 476 pound-feet (645 Newton-meters), versus 444 hp (331 kW) and 406 lb-ft (551 Nm) in stock trim.

As the BMW importer into Abu Dhabi, this group gets ahold of some special machines. In the past, we’ve seen a Java Green M3, Estoril Blue M760Li, and Rallye Green 7 Series on offer from this company.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors via Facebook 

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