New technology in use by police in Ohio could mean far fewer dangerous, high-speed chases. The Lucas County Sheriff Office, which serves an area including Toledo, Ohio, recently used the Starchase GPS tracking dart to tag the car of a fleeing suspect rather than conducting a pursuit.


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According to local news channel WTOL, a sheriff’s deputy allegedly found John Bartlett dumpster diving and told him to leave. Instead, Bartlett allegedly pulled a gun on the officer and fled the scene. However, the deputy’s cruiser had the Starchase launcher on its bumper, and the law enforcement agent was able to tag Bartlett’s vehicle with the GPS-equipped adhesive dart. 

Dispatchers tracked Bartlett’s vehicle and relayed his position to other officers. They were able to deploy spike strips and put Bartlett in custody. 

The Lucas County Sheriff bought five Starchase launchers over a year ago, but this was the first time that a deputy deployed it, according to WTOL. After this success, the agency would like to purchase more of them, if it can get funding.

“This was the first time that this was the perfect case scenario and we are happy with the outcome we will mark this as a win because there was no serious injury or loss of life we did not crash any of our vehicles and there were no citizens of the suspect hurt," said Lucas County Sheriff Captain Matt Lettke told WTOL.

Starchase can mount to the front of a cruiser and uses compressed air to deploy. Officers can launch the adhesive dart from inside of their vehicle or use a handheld keyfob to do so remotely. In addition, the company behind Starchase also offers a handheld launcher.

Source: WTOL, Starchase Via Jalopnik

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