Mystery driver for the top rated Top Gear has been taken into custody by Irish police - allegedly. Top Gear is reporting that the Stig has been arrested but they are cetainly making light of it.

Top Gear is a production of the illustrious BBC but can you really trust their news reporting?

The British broadcaster's most popular show has reported that The Stig has been arrested.

Yes, the mystery race driver who is the standard by which Top Gear notches lap times for the models it tests has had a run-in with the Irish police, known as the Garda.

According to the Top Gear story, eyewitnesses reported seeing the Stig being „politely" removed from his vehicle and taken into police custody. An onlookers is quoted as saying: "I didn't see what happened exactly but it was probably really bad. Maybe he punched a swan or tried to push one of the Hairy Bikers into the river. Again."

Though various reports as to his true identity have emerged in the past, most fans of the show would probably like the Stig to simply stay the Stig - and definitely not see him unmasked and in prison.

And with a lede like this:

"the Stig has been SENSATIONALLY ARRESTED by a FRIENDLY POLICEMAN following an ALLEGED INCIDENT of some kind."

...there is quite likely some serious tongue-in-cheek action going on here. It even sounds like Jeremy Clarkson's own voice.