Everyone should drive the Atlantic Ocean Road in a supercar at least once.

Supercars on super scenic highways. Does it get any better? Actually, it can – even when the road in question is the legendary Atlantic Ocean Road and the car is a new Ford GT.  Spanning just over five miles to connect the towns of Vevang and Kårvåg on Norway’s Norwegian Sea coastline, the road skirts the ocean by hopping across a series of small islands with arching bridges in between. To say the view is spectacular is a monumental understatement, but Ford didn’t send its supercar that far north just for the scenery.


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Situated roughly 500 miles north of this fabulous road is Arctic Circle Raceway. It’s not quite inside the Arctic Circle, but at just 20 miles south of the imaginary dotted line it is the northernmost race track in the world. In fact, the 2.3-mile road course is so far north that a 24-hour endurance race could be held in summer without the sun ever setting. The Ford GT in question wasn’t there for endurance, however, but to set a new lap record.


Ford GT In Norway
Ford GT In Norway


To make that happen, Ford turned the GT over to Stefan Mücke, a Le Mans veteran and current Ford Chip Ganassi Racing driver. After a few familiarization laps around the course, Mücke turned in a time of 1 minute 36.29 seconds, which did in fact smash the old record by five seconds.

It sounds fast, but to be fair, we have no idea what car had established the previous record, so the whole thing loses a bit of luster. We suspect, however, that the point of this trip was the drive, especially since most of the video is a narration about the GT while it drives through some properly breathtaking scenery. Nailing a record at the track closest to the top of the world is just icing on the cake.

The video is the latest in a series from Ford, showcasing great European roads with a variety of the Blue Oval's performance vehicles. We're not sure the automaker really needs help selling Ford GTs, but we'll happily watch this beautiful video over and over again, as we suspect most of you.

Source: Ford

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  • Ford GT is star of latest in Ford’s video series Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads
  • Supercar island hops spectacular Norwegian coastline on amazing Atlantic Ocean Road
  • Showcases performance credentials with a lap record at little-known Arctic Circle Raceway

COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 28, 2017 – Could this be the perfect road trip – a stately promenade of the ultimate coast road, followed by a record-breaking blast around a very special circuit, unfamiliar to all but the biggest racing fans?

The Atlantic Ocean Road, which showcases the jaw-dropping beauty of Norway’s shores, is certainly one of Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads, a video series from Ford that now turns the spotlight on the Ford GT supercar.

"The Atlantic Ocean Road has to be driven to be believed. Only the most hardened cynic could fail to be unmoved by a journey across scenery of such unimaginable beauty,” said international motoring journalist Steve Sutcliffe, who fronts the travelogues where the history, the view and the culture are as important as the driving thrills. “I had to break our rating system on this occasion, and score the road 11/10 for scenery. What else can you do for a route where you can actually see whales while driving along?”

As a public road, the Atlantic Ocean Drive, consisting of a string of eight bridges that connect the towns of Kårvåg and Vevang, is subject to strictly enforced speed limits. But to showcase exactly what the 655PS Ford GT is capable of, there is a high-octane detour to the little‑known Arctic Circle Raceway, where Ford Chip Ganassi Racing driver and Le Mans veteran Stefan Mücke set a new lap record at what is the world’s most northerly circuit.

“The GT is a massively quick road car, but the way it’s designed means the circuit is where it really comes into its own,” said Mücke. “It’s great to set a new lap, but to do it here at such a beautiful circuit, with such a special car, is really something.”

The Norwegian trip is the seventh video in the Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads series, achieving a score of 53/60 on factors including thrills, accessibility and hospitality.