Lamborghini will be one of the first pure supercar builders to offer an SUV with the arrival of the Urus in just a few months. It will also be one of the first to offer a plug-in hybrid version of said SUV, a technology that has been used extensively throughout the VW portfolio. But even with more mainstream plans in place, the company promises it will stay true to its supercar roots.

In an interview with Digital Trends, head of Lamborghini’s research and development department, Maurizio Reggiani, said that the company has no plans of introducing an autonomous vehicle anytime in the near future. The news coincides with the company’s stance an electric sports car, which remains in the same line of thinking. 

“If you buy a Lamborghini, you buy it to have fun and enjoy the driving," said Reggiani in an interview at the Frankfurt Auto Show. "If we’re talking real autonomous driving, I think we will be the last brand to offer it."

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Though the company isn’t keen on offering a self-driving version of its Huracan or Aventador sports cars, the Urus SUV will come with a number of on-road safety features – similar to its Audi Q7 sibling – a first for the supercar maker.

"We will have adaptive cruise control, we will have a camera, we will have lane-keeping systems," continue Reggiani. "Every feature available in a premium car will be available in the Urus, but nothing that comes close to real autonomous driving," he said.

Though no autonomous or electric versions of Lamborghini’s signature sports cars may be offered, expect to at least see a hybrid sports car in the near future. CEO Stefano Domenicali said that, "hybridization for sure will come, in the next five years for sure."

Source: Digital Trends

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