Created to the urban environment, this vehicle has three axles to turn people's heads (and everything else).

Some stuff are so interesting they must be shown at least twice. This is the case for Assystem City Car, a vehicle that has been designed by Franco Sbarro. It has first been presented at the Geneva Motor Show last year, but there it is, once again, in the 2008 edition. What makes it so special is the fact that it features some very original solutions for a variety of problems involving cars. Parking issues, for example

It is remarkably easy to park, and not only because of its compact dimensions (3.60 m long, 1.60 m wide and 1.60 m tall), or its light weight (only 600 kg), but also because it has three axles, a central one, with two wheels, and one wheel in each extreme of the car (front and end). These single wheel axles are the ones responsible for moving and turning the Assystem City Car. The front wheel is powered by an electrical engine with 20 kW (about 27 cv), which can push the car to 50 km/h of top speed and has 30 km of autonomy, basically what regular people need to go to work and back home every day.

For the roads, there is a little combustion engine that delivers 60 cv in the rear axle. It can lead the vehicle to a top speed of 130 km/h and, with its 30 l fuel tank, can carry the Assystem City Car to up to 600 km. Both engines can be used together, what turns this car into a hybrid.

This vehicle, albeit small, can carry up to five people and their luggage. It has a low gravity center, what enhances dynamics, its oval shape prevents serious accident consequences and, when visibility is low, a screen takes the place of the regular windshield and shows the driver infrared images of the road, guiding him/her safely to destination. These are characteristics Assystem points out in favour of their vehicle, but, since we did not have the chance to drive it, we may believe it or not. The company’s intention is to put the car on the streets in a short period of time.

Sbarro Assystem City Car at the Geneva Motor Show