It was roughly three months ago when Volvo signaled the end of Polestar as the company’s performance arm in order to pave the way for the new namesake standalone marque. Fast forward to present day, Polestar has decided to mark the significant transformation that lies ahead by posting on Instagram a short, yet powerful message: “The end.”

The two have been collaborating since 1996, first in motorsport before strengthening the tie-up to optimize a wide variety of road-going cars. In July 2015, Polestar became a wholly owned subsidiary of Volvo Cars and now a new chapter is about to start as future Polestar-branded models won’t carry the Volvo badge at all.

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Billed as being “world beating electrified high performance cars,” these new products will take advantage of the strong connection between Polestar and Volvo, thus allowing the two companies to achieve significant economies of scale. Not only will Polestar have its own array of models, but at the same time it will also continue to prepare upgrade packages for Volvo models under the “Polestar Engineered” brand.

Later this fall, Polestar is going to reveal details about the new products it’s working on, with rumors indicating a 600-horsepower coupe is on the agenda. It will allegedly be based on an existing Volvo model rather than being developed from the ground up and will make generous use of carbon fiber to keep the weight low. A hybrid powertrain seems plausible and it could have a few things in common with the T8 setup available in the “90” models and the new XC60.

Speaking of which, the last Volvo model tuned by the old Polestar is the 2018 XC60 in the range-topping T8 specification, now with 421 horsepower or the same as the bigger XC90 T8. Lesser versions of the SUV can be had with Polestar tweaks, including the T5 and T6 gasoline models as well as the D4 and D5 diesels.

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