A rally-bred Citroen DS3 has been caught doing rally-type stunts off the beaten road. Whether Seb will be driving one in 2011 or not is yet to be seen.

Sebastien Loeb has won five consecutive drivers' titles for Citroen, first with the Xsara and more recently with a mad C4. The Seb is also known as Champion of Champions and lately has tried his hand in Formula One. Now whether he'll be on the rally circuit for the 2011 season or not is up for debate. If he's not then he'll probably miss out on what Citroen reckons is one of the very best handling cars in its segment, the DS3.

These spy pictures show the Rally version being prepped in its natural environment; on the dirt and somewhere midair. Because of its makers' current and recent past standings this will be the most important car on the circuit so all eyes will naturally be on it.

Incidentally the MINI rival is fitted with the same engine as its main foe while the rally-spec features plenty of air vents to keep it breathing easily. And instead of plush interior surroundings two competition bucket seats and a roll cage will suffice.

With a number of manufacturers pulling out of the World Rally Championship who knows what the DS3 will come up against. We just hope Citroen makes a road-going version or at least uses some WRC bits to build a special model for us mortals.


Citroen DS3 Rally Car Caught