Colin Furze operates a popular YouTube channel where he takes on bizarre engineering challenges, and in a recent ad for Google in the United Kingdom, he successfully converts a 1989 BMW 3 Series Convertible into a rolling spa, complete with a fully functioning hot tub and a grille in the trunk lid. To give the droptop a real visual statement, he also covers the entire exterior in artificial turf.

Do you remember the 333i (E30):

The video above shows the vehicle in action, and it looks like a blast to drive. Other than the water sloshing around, this thing appears to control like any other vehicle.

More Automotive Hot Tubs:

The grill in the back isn't quite as successful. It has no problem cooking some burgers, but a design flaw means that water splashes onto the hot surface when the BMW accelerates. The problem makes grilling on the go a major difficulty, but maybe that's for the best for safety. 

While less flashy, the clip below is even more impressive to watch because it shows Furze doing the engineering that makes a water-tight E30 possible. The task isn't easy. The car is in pretty good condition to start – decent enough that cutting it up is a shame – but there are some rust spots. Furze in a buddy start by stripping the cabin and welding any holes. A layer of water-proof resin also helps. Furze also creates a system of heated tubes in the floor for keeping the water warm. 

Finally, the video below is the actual ad for Google in the United Kingdom. It briefly highlights the companies with products in Furze's spa car and shows him using them for unintended purposes. For example, leaf blowers don't generally operate the jets in a hot tub. 

Furze is clearly a talented engineer. We wish he wouldn't hack up such a cool car, though.

Source: colinfurze via YouTube, 2, Think with Google UK via YouTube

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