You remember the GT4586, one of the stars of last year’s SEMA show? It’s a Toyota 86 (née Scion FR-S) fitted with the 4.5-liter V8 engine from a Ferrari 458 Italia and turned into a serious drift machine. The good news is that we’ve got video of it drifting to share with you. The bad news is that footage includes the car crashing.

Pro drifter Ryan Tuerck went out with the Donut Media folks to film a touge run in the GT4586, with another Ferrari following behind as an ultra-cool camera car. But on the very first take of the day, Tuerck lost control as he slid around a bend, bouncing the nose of the drift machine into a dirt mound and bending some suspension parts before pulling off in a ditch.

Fortunately, Tuerck escaped unharmed – except, perhaps, for his pride. His team had come prepared for possible problems, and was soon able to repair the car, replacing parts like a bent tie-rod, so that he could get back to work sliding the stripped-out red coupe on a gorgeous road.

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Of course, no driver is perfect, and drifters especially are used to losing control and smashing their cars into obstacles. That’s why they have easily replaceable body panels, plus roll cages and harnesses to keep the drivers inside as safe as possible. In Tuerck’s case, it all went to plan and kept him out of harm’s way.

The final cut of the film, however, is fabulous: keep watching through the entire video posted above and you’ll see that the final film more than makes up for the early mishap. The GT4586 roars and slides and smokes up a closed road in Portland, Oregon, and all the action is captured for our enjoyment in glorious 4K resolution. And, hey, isn’t it fitting that a Ferrari 458 Spider was used to capture footage of another car that’s powered by a 458 engine?

This video of a professional making a mistake is a good reminder why amateurs should exercise caution when attempting to “drift” their own cars. Tuerck was able to fix his car at the side of the road; someone playing with Drift Mode might not be as lucky.

You can see the GT4586 in its pre-crash glory from last year's SEMA show in the gallery below.

Source: YouTube

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