We've got the skinny on the four planners that Porsche will be selling for 2010. Are they too expensive?

Porsche will be selling three different calendars for 2010.  Each calendar features a different theme, meant to appeal to driver's, auto historians, and fashionistas alike.  An appointment book will also be available.

Under the banner, "Driver's Perspective," one calendar features the Panamera line-up most prominently in a set of point-of-view photos.  While this calendar gives a good look at current models, the "One of a Kind" calendar shows innovations and concepts that helped establish Porsche's racing and sports car heritage.  Likewise, the "Designed 4 Ambition" version features the four-door Panamera, and the exclusivity of the brand.

The "Designed 4 Ambition" will be packaged with a screen saver and short video on CD-ROM.  Only 4,000 units of this packet will be released.

Nothing with Porsche is ever inexpensive, and these calendars are no different.  "Driver's Perspective" and "One of a Kind" go on sale for €35, and the "Designed 4 Ambition" will sell for €57.  A €38 diary, called “The Porsche idea in the Porsche Museum,” will also be available.

Porsche Previews Calendars for 2010