It seems the British supercar is capable of hypercar performance.

We all know the McLaren 720S packs a serious supercar punch to accompany its straight-from-the-future shape, but could it be faster than hypercars like the Porsche 918 and Bugatti Veyron? The folks at DragTimes seem pretty convinced after running a 720S through a half-mile sprint with testing gear attached. There’s no external video of the car in action, but a camera pointing at the McLaren’s instrument display shows the 0-184 mph blitz flashing by in a blur of numbers.

What were some of those numbers? It ripped to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds, covered the quarter-mile in 10.27 seconds at 144 mph, and kept pulling hard to pass the half-mile mark in 15.86 seconds at 174 mph. By comparison, its 0-60 is a touch slow compared to both the 918 and Veyron, but the rest of the figures do in fact put the 720S right in the thick of the battle, if not slightly ahead. Considering both hypercars would set you back at least $1 million, the $284,745 McLaren is a bona-fide performance bargain.


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How in the hell can McLaren’s every day supercar hang with hypercar heavyweights pumping out considerably more horsepower? For starters, the 720S might have considerably more horsepower itself – possibly as much 800 ponies at the crank which is far more than McLaren’s advertised figure of 710 horsepower.

Also, those hypercar heavyweights are, well, heavy. The Porsche 918 checks in at roughly 3,650 pounds, while the Veyron is saddled with 4,000 pounds. The 720S is considerably lighter at 3,100 pounds, so yeah, even with a modest horsepower deficiency, it can still hang.

Of course, numbers can vary greatly depending on location and conditions. And though we have no reason to not believe these figures from DragTimes, not being able to see the actual run does leave the door open for skeptics to cast some doubt. As for us, having driven the 720S ourselves we absolutely believe it’s a supercar that can live up to its hypercar hype.

Source: DragTimes

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