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In addition to its impressive performance, the new Porsche Cayenne will also be a technological powerhouse upon hitting the market next year. The Porsche Connect Plus system will even let subscribers control their smart home functions from behind the wheel of the SUV.


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An LTE-compatible SIM card comes standard on the Cayenne and allows the vehicle to be online permanently.  Porsche offers a seven-gigabyte data pack that helps when using the on-board Wifi hotspot or consuming services like Amazon Music or the online radio.

The constant Internet connection allows for improved navigation information, including real-time traffic. The Cayenne contributes to this swarm of data by using the SUV’s on-board sensors to create warnings about fog, slick roads, and accidents. The system also calculates routes simultaneously through the on-board tech and online, and it then selects the best option.


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Owners can also link their Amazon Music account to the Porsche Communication Management system and stream tunes through the stereo. Similarly the new Radio Plus tech uses the Internet connection so that if someone leaves the coverage area of a terrestrial station, the system looks whether it’s streaming online and switches to that source. 

Folks with a Nest smart home device can sync it with Porsche Connect Plus, and owners can see the data from the infotainment screen. The interface allows for things like adjusting the house’s temperature and viewing images from in-home cameras.

While these Internet-connected features are useful, the infotainment system comes with several general updates, too. For example, the voice recognition works better and can understand over 100 commands, including for making adjustments to the navigation, media, seat heating, and air conditioning. 

Porsche Cayenne Porsche Connect Plus

Cayenne owners will also be able to monitor the vehicle through the Porsche Connect App. For example, a section of the software displays whether the doors, windows, and tailgate are closed. Owners can also control the door locks from there. Even details about the oil level and maintenance history are available.

Passionate buyers can submit orders for the new Cayenne in December but deliveries don’t begin until mid-2018. The base Cayenne and Cayenne S are available at launch, and the Turbo joins the lineup shortly later. The hybrid will come later.

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Fully networked: Porsche Cayenne with new Connect functions

Stuttgart. New functions, new services, new apps: with the Cayenne, Porsche is raising vehicle networking to a new level. The wide range of networking options are part of Porsche Connect Plus, which is included in the standard equipment of the new SUV generation. This means that, for the first time, drivers can now access Amazon Music, Smart Home functions provided by Nest, and Radio Plus, an intelligent combination of traditional radio reception and online radio, all through Porsche Communication Management (PCM). The new Cayenne is permanently online thanks to the integrated, LTE-compatible SIM card. This function is also included as standard. Porsche has also developed a simplified smartphone app for the key Connected Car functions. With Amazon Music, subscribers can use one of the most popular streaming services in the Cayenne directly from the PCM. In addition to the comprehensive range of music, Amazon Music also offers an ad-free audio live coverage of German Bundesliga football, DFB Cup matches and games with participation of German teams in the two major European football competitions.

Users of the Smart Home devices from Nest are also informed about their homes at all times in the vehicle. The service transmits data from smoke detectors and images from installed cameras via the Internet. It also enables control of the temperature in the house directly from the vehicle.

Another innovation is Radio Plus. This service extends the range of your personal favourite station through an integrated Internet radio function so that it is practically unlimited, provided that the chosen station offers an online radio channel. Once the Cayenne leaves the range for terrestrial radio reception via FM or digital radio, the system automatically switches to online streaming. This improves the reception quality in areas with poor radio coverage. Porsche offers a seven-gigabyte data pack for the use of the Amazon Music streaming service, for online radio and for surfing the web using the Wifi Hotspot in the vehicle.

Online navigation with swarm data

The enhanced online navigation with real-time traffic information is even easier, even quicker and even more comprehensive. The simplified search for navigation destinations is based on the central finder, which is accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the header of the PCM. This enables destination searches using simple terms. The finder also provides a wide range of additional information, such as fuel prices, available car parks including prices and opening times, along with user reviews for hotels and restaurants.

Voice input of navigation destinations is just as simple, thanks to the new Voice Pilot. Porsche voice control has been enhanced once again. Thanks to online speech recognition, voice commands can be now be performed much more intuitively than before. For example, it is now possible to enter a navigation destination without address details.

However, it is not just navigation functions that can be controlled using the Voice Pilot. The system understands more than 100 commands in total – from navigation functions, to music control, through to vehicle functions, such as the air conditioning and seat heating.

The route calculation has also been optimised. This was made possible through the simultaneous processing of the on-board and online entries. Therefore, the navigation route calculation is performed both online and internally in the PCM. The PCM independently decides which navigation system has calculated the optimum route, but always starts with the result that was calculated fastest.

The navigation system also processes swarm data with the new Risk Radar service, whereby data about traffic and road conditions is anonymously captured and transmitted from vehicles with the relevant equipment. Captured by the vehicle sensors, this data provides warnings regarding fog, skidding risks and accidents. With this function, the new Cayenne can also contribute towards mitigating risks and preventing accidents. Destinations are easy to create before a journey, not only in the PCM, but also using the Porsche Connect App on your smartphone or via the “My Porsche” platform. The destinations are synchronised once the driver has been identified by entering their Porsche ID in the vehicle, the app and the My Porsche web portal.

One-stop solution: new Porsche Connect App for Apple and Android smartphones

The redesigned Porsche Connect App now offers the driver an even more straightforward and comprehensive environment to access a wide range of vehicle and Connect functions via smartphone. The app is broken down into three mains areas: Navigation, My Vehicle for vehicle-related functions and My Account for user-related services and settings, such as the linking of the Connect App with the user’s Amazon Music and Nest accounts. In the “My Vehicle” area, the driver can see whether the doors, tailgate and windows are closed by means of a representation of their own vehicle shown in three perspectives, and the driver can also lock or unlock the vehicle from this area. Information regarding the vehicle range, oil level and maintenance history can also be called up here, and the monitoring and safety functions of the vehicle can be controlled. You can find detailed information about Porsche Connect via the website and in the Porsche Connect Store at

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