Tag Heuer Night Vision eye glasses offer high-tech solutions to ever changing light and colour conditions, making them usable on a consistent basis. Also used in Le Mans 24 Hour Race.

If these Tag Heuer sunglasses are good enough for 24 hour Le Mans races, Sebastien Bourdais and Indy 500 driver Sarah Fisher, they are pretty much good for anyone else. As you may very well be aware, 24 Hour Le Mans is all about endurance and consistency. It’s like the Comrades Marathon of motor racing.

Available to the general populace, these Night Vision eye glasses as they are appropriately named, offer a high-tech solution to the problem of light and changing colour perception. They offer “constant clear, sharp vision with a very high light transmission rate in order to contrast dark blue and green surroundings without changing color perception”. Nothing here says they’ll make you faster, so don’t buy them with those unrealistic expectations.

Made from titanium, Night Vision is sold with both Wide and Panorama options, and their special ophthalmic lenses are anti-reflective, offering 100% protection against UV-A and UV-B. Titanium is of course known to have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal currently known to man. Therefore breakage and corrosion are virtually unknown terms to Night Vision.

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