It's just a rendering, but hopefully McLaren will make something similar.

Together alongside the Porsche 918 and the LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 makes up the final member of the holy trinity of hypercars. Following its introduction in 2012, the British marque quickly sold out of all 375 units by November 2013, each at a cost of around $1.35 million. So, it would make only sense that McLaren would want to build on that success with a newer, even more powerful model.

This is the McLaren Vision Ultimate concept, and it previews a P1 successor of the future. It comes from Pasadena, California-based designer Justin Hyunjung Cho, and blends a number of current McLaren design cues with an angular, futuristic look for the year 2032.

McLaren Vision Ultimate Concept
McLaren Vision Ultimate Concept

The front fascia is defined by a massive diffuser, accented by a number of vents and aerodynamic angles that give the hypercar its streamlined properties. There’s no windshield, suggesting that the driver would either utilize some sort of autonomous technology, or and advanced camera rig with a helmet-mounted projector. 

The rear of the concept is equally as wild. The streamlined cabin design molds seamlessly with the rear wing, hiding a set of taillights, and a centrally mounted LED brake light. The engine, meanwhile, is located in the center of the vehicle, defined by three large vents mounted towards the rear. It's unclear what type of power this hypercar might have, but Cho specifies that it would use a KERS hybrid system.

McLaren Vision Ultimate Concept

Overall the concept is unique, and draws some similarities not only with the P1, but also with another McLaren hypercar that we’ve previously featured. The Ultimate remains just a rendering for now, but McLaren has made it clear that it plans to build a P1 successor as part of its Track22 business plan. Let’s just hope it looks something like this when it does debut.

Source: Justin Hyunjung Cho / Behance

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