A highly respected motoring scribe has described the Lexus LF-A as the best car he's ever driven. And, he says, it deserves a place alongside McLaren F1s and Pagani Zondas of the world.

Shortly after a stint on a track behind the wheel, Dutch motoring journalist and race-driving instructor Thomas Bangma has described the upcoming Lexus LF-A as "the best car I've ever driven". Mijnheer Bangma is a highly respected car scribe so there's very little reason to doubt his sincerity. The man has driven basically all modern cars considered supercar royalty. And he says none match up to the LF-A. Some endorsement.

During the clip he mentions how true collectors who know their cars and have machinery like Pagani Zondas, McLaren F1s and Porsche RSs in their garages would do themselves major justice by including the Lexus. He also lets slip that only 500 units will be built but that part was edited out by Lexus. While Bangma talks one LF-A just out of camera view screams down the main straight and then again a second time right on queue as he closes out his thoughts.

The LF-A looks set to be unveiled at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show next week. It's powered by a petrol V10 engine making what's said to be around 405kW (550hp).


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