It's a controversial topic that has divided many in recent weeks – did Bugatti fake its incredible 249-mph (400-kph) run on video the other week? How could it possibly have captured the world's fastest car on the move? 

Camera cars are difficult things to get right – Top Gear had a fondness for the Range Rover, thanks to its smooth ride and split-opening tailgate, while our British colleagues at Motor1 UK have been using their long-term Skoda Kodiaq as a tracking car on recent shoots. Great options both, but neither of them can drive at anything close to 249 mph (400 kph).

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How can you possibly track a Chiron hitting 249 mph (400 kph) in 32.6 seconds? Well, you'll need another Chiron.

We can exclusively reveal that Bugatti used a second model of its already-iconic hypercar to film the run, but the company remains coy about the special system it developed to make sure the camera stayed on – because for sure a clamp and a bit of sticky tape wouldn't cut the mustard at that speed.

More about Chiron's record run:

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