Two examples of the Lexus LF-A have been filmed on this short clip just after refueling near the Nurburgring. A hail of happy cylinders can be heard as they pull away into the distance.

Here they are, two Lexus LF-A examples (or whatever its final name will be), clear as day and on video. True the clip is only 25 seconds long but it gives a great indication of the car in a real-life situation. The cars had just finished refueling and were headed back to the Nürburgring.

Great things are expected of Lexus' first ever supercar, not least of all handling prowess. While many manufacturers put cars on the ‘Ring that only belong in a circus ring, the LF-A really needs to be much more if it is to successfully take on established players like the Nissan GT-R. The rumoured V10 with a speculated 405kW (550hp) can be heard twice pulling away from the filling station. Even the shooter can't help but exclaim at the glorious sounds the black and white pair make during their quick getaway.

Lexus has confirmed a two-seater supercar for premier at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show but fell short of naming it as the LF-A. Realistically speaking what else could it be?