Volvo has sent out an official update on the new crash prevention system expected to be released on the upcoming Volvo S60.  We brought you video of the collision warning system last week, scheduled to debut next year.

A large percentage of people killed in auto accidents are pedestrians.  Thus, Volvo has been working on a system they claim works best in urban situations.  According to the video's new narration, the company's goal is to eventually develop a car that is virtually incapable of crashing.

"Our aim for 2020 is that no-one should be killed or seriously injured in a Volvo," said Volvo Senior Safety Advisor Thomas Broberg.

The Collision Warning system works by combining data obtained from a dual-mode radar unit in the grille and a video camera mounted by the rear-view mirror.  While the radar spots approaching objects at a distance, the camera hones in and identifies those potential hazards.  If an emergency arrises, a warning is sounded, and a light is flashed on the heads-up display.

Should the driver not respond in time, full brakes are applied automatically.

"In most cases, we can reduce the collision force by about 75 percent," Broberg said.  "Considering the large number of pedestrian fatalities that occur, if we manage to lower the fatality risk by 20 percent this new function will make a big difference."

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