Here's a nice set of Gemballa wheels for the Porsche Panamera. Although the tuner is developing its own version of the four-door coupe, these wheels are not a confirmed part of it.

Gemballa is still developing the Mistrale Panamera based on Porsche's four-door sedan. Showcased here instead is a set of wheels fitted in the Panamera. The tuner's website states that they come in two styles; a 22-inch GT Sport wheel with tyre sizes 265/30/22 at the front and 315/25/22 on the rear, as well as the 22inch GT Sport - Rs with some riveting on the outside edge available in 22 and 20-inch.

TechArt might have stolen the march on other tuners by being the first to present their Panamera tuning programme at the recent 2009 IAA, but Gemballa is not waiting around for others to do thesame. Hopefully, at the coming Essen Motor Show we will know exactly what its engineers are cooking.


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