Watching the above video gave me a flashback to my elementary school days. When there was a substitute bus driver, oftentimes they would miss a stop or make a wrong turn. Being observant students, my peers would almost immediately call out the driver and scream “You missed a stop!” or “You’re going the wrong way!”

This empty school bus – with only the driver onboard – didn’t have the same luxury.

“We are red...there is a school bus on the you read right a school bus,” a tweet said from the official F4 U.S. Championship page during race two of the United States Championship race.


 Midway through the second F4 U.S. Championship race at Circuit of The Americas, the big yellow school bus drove straight into turn six of the race track, and caused the red flag to be flown. While the full grid of F4 cars were forced to pit, the bus was quickly directed to a spot behind the tracks barriers near circuit officials.

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Fortunately, there was no contact between the bus and race cars, and no one was injured in this incident. Jalopnik reported that the Formula 4 U.S. Championship was scheduled to end at 7 p.m. local time. Considering that was the time the bus entered the track, a miscommunication may have caused the confusion.

These school buses are also typically used to usher marshals across the track at the end of the race, and give tours of the track. Realizing this was the end of the day, Jalopnik speculates the bus driver possibly thought it was time to pick up everyone from the marshal stands all around the track.

After this bizarre – yet hilarious –  incident, only 10 minutes of the race remained, and Benjamin Pedersen eventually clinched the pole position.

Source: YouTube via Jalopnik

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