Pays homage to the 1997 F1 XP GT Longtail.

The latest work from the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) team pays homage to a racing homologation car from 1997. Specifically, the six new McLaren 570GT coupes are styled to look like the F1 XP GT “Longtail” from 1997. They’re painted in “XP Green” exterior paint with Saddle Tan leather inside, with various extra green trim pieces and a specialized plaque in the dashboard.

The car to which these new 570GTs pay tribute was introduced purely to keep up with FIA homologation rules. After success with the regular McLaren F1 racing car, the company introduced a “Longtail” model called the F1 XP GT – meaning that McLaren had to build a road-going model, too. As you can see below, the new car and the old closely resemble one another in terms of color scheme.

McLaren 570GT XP Green By MSO
1997 McLaren F1 XP GT

These MSO 570GT coupes will be sold in the U.K., Germany, and the Netherlands, with a total of just six cars offered total. McLaren says that the MSO-specific parts included are worth £21,000 (about $28,500).

“Any McLaren is a very special vehicle, but we are also seeing an increasing number of buyers expressing a desire to personalize their cars with additional features and options as well as color and trim choices outside of the core specification offered,” Jolyon Nash, McLaren Automotive’s executive director of global sales and marketing, said in a statement.

The McLaren 570GT is the most grand touring-focused model in the British company’s Sports Series car line. Compared to the 570S coupe, it has considerably more cargo room and softer suspension to improve ride quality. Yet there’s still plenty of performance available: the mid-mounted biturbocharged 3.8-liter V8 dishes out 562 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque, enough for a 3.4-second sprint to 62 miles per hour. As we said in our First Drive:“The new 570GT, like the 570S, has impeccable curb appeal and equally brilliant dynamic prowess. Label it Sport or Grand Tourer – in the end, it doesn’t matter. Drive one, and you’ll see it for the supercar it is.”

McLaren Special Operations continues to produce a variety of specialized models across the McLaren road-car range. The new 720S, for instance, was shown in an MSO variant just after it was introduced earlier this year. And McLaren has shown MSO models of the 12C, 650S, and 675LT, too.

Source: McLaren

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  • Collection of six bespoke McLaren 570GT cars from McLaren Special Operations (MSO)
  • Painted in the same ‘XP Green’ finish as the original F1 XP GT ‘Longtail’ homologation car
  • Commissioned for Europe and the UK, using traditional British automotive colours

A limited number of bespoke McLaren 570GT models will this month become available to a fortunate few McLaren buyers in the UK and Europe. Commissioned from McLaren Special Operations as an MSO Collection, the six cars are finished in McLaren historic ‘XP Green’ exterior paint – the same colour as the famous F1 XP GT ‘Longtail’ homologation model built in 1997. The Saddle Tan leather interior additionally features green leather inserts in the seats and green contrast stitching, as well as a dedication plaque mounted on the centre tunnel beneath the infotainment screen identifying each car as one of six in the Collection.

The exterior of the car is adorned with Saddle Tan aero pin-striping edging the front aero blades, side skirts and rear diffuser, while each door carries a stripe of the same colour that runs rearwards from a subtle Union Jack emblem finished in silver-grey. MSO Black exterior components replace the front splitter, door inserts, side air intakes, side skirts and rear bumper, diffuser and spoiler, all of which would usually be finished in Dark Palladium or body colour.

“Any McLaren is a very special vehicle, but we are also seeing an increasing number of buyers expressing a desire to personalise their cars with additional features and options as well as colour and trim choices outside of the core specification offered,” explained Jolyon Nash, McLaren Automotive Executive Director, Global Sales and Marketing. “As well as making it possible for individual McLaren owners to have exactly the McLaren they want, McLaren Special Operations will continue to create limited-volume collections such as these six 570GT models in XP Green, to further extend customer choice.”

The McLaren 570GT is the most luxurious and refined Sports Series model, providing long-distance comfort and increased versatility while retaining a thrilling driving experience. Subtly visually different to the 570S Coupé, its classic GT lines sweep down into a side-opening rear glass hatch to provide an additional 220 litres of storage on the leather-lined touring deck, as well as an instantly recognisable identity. Chassis settings deliver the additional comfort expected from a car designed for touring, with spring rate stiffness reduced by 15% at the front and 10% at the rear compared to the 570S Coupé. The 570GT remains though a serious sports car, its 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine producing the same outstanding 570PS and 600Nm as the Coupé, with performance to match.

The inspiration for the MSO colour and trim enhancements on the six 570GT models in the Collection is a combination of traditional British automotive hues and a very special car from McLaren’s own history – the F1 XP GT.

Although conceived as a road car, the McLaren F1 enjoyed significant motorsport success, including victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995 on its first attempt. This meant that further track competition beckoned and to keep pace with dedicated racing opposition, a ‘Longtail’ GT race car was developed. F1 XP GT, instantly recognisable by the extended rear bodywork and distinctive colour, was the original road-going prototype built to satisfy the homologation requirements of motorsport governing body, the FIA. The car’s deep bottle green paint finish, cherished as XP Green in McLaren Special Operation’s historic paint palette, is now reserved for bespoke commissions.

The XP Green 570GT cars will be going to owners in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The MSO content in each is identical and adds £21,000 to the final price of the vehicle, which will depend on other options chosen. A specification that encompasses a By McLaren Designer Interior, GT Upgrade Pack (which includes vehicle lift, rear view camera, volumetric alarm upgrade, Bowers & Wilkins audio system and car cover) and 5-Spoke Lightweight Forged Wheels in Stealth finish among the options gives the XP Green MSO Collection McLaren 570GT a price of £188, 567.