Chana's Benni has been announced for launch in the South African market, marking its first passenger car entry there. Prices point to one of the cheapest cars available in SA.

Chana, which has been in the South African market since June 2006, has revealed it will start importing passenger cars into the country from mid-March. Only commercial vehicles have been sold under the auspices of Chana. The first of these people carriers will be the 1.3-litre Benni with its front-wheel driven 63kW and 110Nm of torque.

Sold with two trim levels of Exclusive and Lux, the Benni is only available with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Lux will list as one of the South Africa’s cheapest new cars at R74,900/ €6,070. It comes with comfort creatures such as air conditioning, colour coded bumpers and side mirrors and integrated fog lamps among other things. Exclusive trim includes exciting additions like electric windows all around, a CD player, ABS and power steering, all of which are features aimed at pampering all the lucky Benni buyers.

Chana SA even has a rally car based on one of their commercial vehicles. Last year the company took some brave/ slow-headed media, depending on who you ask, on a 21,000km journey to Chongqing in China using among other vehicles, a Benni. Therefore durability is hardly in question.

Chana Benni leads passenger car intro to SA