Video of the Volvo S60 test mule and its advanced braking system has been posted by our colleagues in Sweden. Details inside.

Our counterparts over at Teknikens Värld got the chance to check out the advanced, new braking system being readied for the Volvo S60.  The team got to take a heavily padded version of the car on the roads of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The video they posted shows the on-board computer's ability to identify pedestrians and bikers caught by the vehicle's camera.  Presumably, the car will be able to aggressively slow down to prevent accidents from taking place.

Using both a camera and radar, the S60 is capable of picking up items larger than 80 inches from as far as 500 feet away.  While the radar is used for distances further away, the camera is better equipped to provide details within about 175 feet.

The new Volvo S60 begins production in 2010.  The Swedish manufacturer halted production of the last series at the end of March.