Suzuki will introduce a fuel cell SX4 concept at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. It has brake regeneration and a high pressure hydrogen tank.

Suzuki could not be left out of the electrifying party being hosted by its bigger fellow Japanese automakers. Therefore at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show the company which produces about 1.4 million cars a year will show a glimpse of its future plans.

Leading the charge so to speak, is a previously announced Swift with a plug-in hybrid system that runs on lithium-ion battery power. A petrol engine sized 660cc is fitted to recharge when levels of power drop. The car is ideally suited for people who travel about 20km (12 miles) or less daily as it is designed to primarily run on electric power.

The second car is a full-on electric vehicle called the SX4 FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle). Its source of go is a fuel cell developed by General Motors which is coupled with a high pressure hydrogen tank and a light and compact capacitor. Brake energy regeneration is part of its technology arsenal. Suzuki is currently testing the SX4 FCV on Japanese public roads.

Two more mobility units going on exhibition at Tokyo 2009 include a fuel cell Burgmann scooter and direct methanol fuel cell-powered MIO wheelchair.


Suzuki Announces SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept for Tokyo Debut