Previous rumours of a Porsche Panamera GT have now been followed by new talk of a Cabriolet version. Porsche will not confirm or deny this but says diversifying the Panamera range is on the cards.

Porsche's four-door Panamera has only just started selling in countries like Germany and the UK but already there's talk of a topless Cabriolet. Rumours say the convertible will have two instead of four doors and cost about €11,000 (US$16,000) more than the sedan.

"We have a broad range of 14 derivatives of the 911 that are very successful," development chief Wolfgang Duerheimer told Automobilwoche. "So it stands to reason we should diversify the lineup for the Panamera as well."

New Porsche owners Volkswagen AG are keen to see the sports car maker increase its model range and thereby increasing its sales footprint. In addition, such an expensive platform as the Panamera's would have to pay for itself at some stage and spreading it around the group including to brands like Bentley and Audi would be good business.

While we are rolling on the speculative road why not bring up the previous rumour of a possible Panamera hard top Coupe? Logically it makes sense to build this variant as a match for a Cabriolet. It would also allow Porsche entry into the premium luxury GT segment occupied by current leaders like the Mercedes-Benz CL (tba S-Class Coupe) and the Aston Martin DBS.


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