A new spy video showing the next-generation BMW M5 has come to our attention. Notably a typical turbo whine can be heard late in the clip, all but confirming a long-rumoured force-fed M5.

Thanks to our "send a tip" function a WCF user has sent us this awesome video of the next-generation BMW M5 in camouflage. Internally codenamed the F10, this car will mark a seismic shift in philosophy for the Bavarian marque as it employs turbo technology in an M sedan.

Partly shot at the Nurburgring the clip takes us through just under four minutes of footage. At 00:59 you'll seen a Nissan GT-R seemingly chasing the M5. What a future battle that will be for motoring media. At several points in the video, particularly at 3:17, the turbos can be heard spooling up and pitching quite high.

BMW begins selling the new 5 Series globally in 2010 and the M5 should follow around a year later. It is thought that BMW's 4.4-litre twin turbo machine will also do duty for the bahnstomer but instead of 300kW (408hp) or 408kW (555hp) it will produce something close to 430kW (585hp).

Speculation is that an 8-speed sequential transmission will send all power to the rear wheels with the assistance of an electronic differential. To improve driving dynamics and fuel efficiency, weight will be kept as low as possible using sophisticated light body construction materials.