Honda Japan has begun selling the all-new fourth-generation Step WGN and the Step WGN special-needs vehicle. Their siblings the Step WGN Spada and Step WGN Spada special-needs vehicle will debut on October 23. Although most probable, Honda makes no mention of the Step WGN appearing at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Step WGN is a multi-purpose vehicle with a flat low-floor and low centre of gravity. It will swallow up to eight passengers but still offer plenty of utility options. Length and height have been increased by 50mm and 45mm respectively for more room. Under-floor storage for third-row seats has been included alongside a whole array of other storage options. Some of the seats can be folded and flipped up to suit whatever occasion.

Power comes from a 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine said to make the Step WGN a class leader in fuel consumption figures. An average of 14.2 litres per 100km is returned under Japanese test specifications. Its mate can either be a CVT or a 5-speed automatic depending on the customer's needs. Both FWD and AWD are offered for the several models and packages.

Honda has designed it to be attractive with a sculpted front grille, large headlights and a roof that appears to slope rearward. The interior features things like 3D self-illuminated gauges for convenience.

Prices start at ¥2,088,000 (€15,897/ US$24,400) including consumption tax.


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