Believe it or not, Bugatti is already talking about the successor of the mighty Bugatti Chiron, the car that can accelerate to 249 miles per hour (400 kilometers per hour) from a standstill and go to a full stop in less than 42 seconds. Of course, the French automaker is still in the very, very early stages of planning, as CEO Wolfgang Durheimer has revealed talking to Road and Track.

“The question, what is the next one, needs to be answered in 2019. Next year is a pre-development year where we evaluate the different ideas," he said.

The company is pretty busy right now manufacturing the Chiron with about 70 units planned to roll of the assembly lines annually. In 2018 the brand will evaluate different concepts ideas for its new hypercar and a year later the actual engineering work will begin. Meanwhile, Durheimer has confirmed, Bugatti has sold Chiron number 300 out of the total production run of 500 examples.

Recent Chiron news:

"Chiron will be with us for quite some time. It is supposed to sell for six years—right now we have a waiting list of four years. We have now sold car number 300 out of 500 and we are doing 70 a year. We are not increasing the volume.”

Juan Pablo Montoya and the Bugatti Chiron
Juan Pablo Montoya and the Bugatti Chiron

Our bet is we won’t see the Chiron’s successor before 2022 or 2023, so there’s still plenty of time. But is Bugatti willing to expand its range with a lower-price supercar? Not really.

"For the time I can oversee Bugatti, it will remain the ultimate product," Durheimer told Road and Track. "Extremely high end, very sharp, no compromise. The best materials, best technology, highest price. No rebates."

Source: Road and Track

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