• Motorsport Gaming puts you in charge of your own race team   
  • Manage every aspect of your team – set-up, car development, engineering
  • Call the races from the pit wall – you decide when to pit, when to change tyres and when to push 

Miami, FL, (September 14, 2017)  Motorsport Network’s gaming division, Motorsport Gaming, has launched a new mobile game where where you get to call the shots as the team boss as you build your own race team.

  • Inspired by the world of single-seater, open-wheel formula racing, Motorsport Master is a free-to-play managerial racing game available on Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.
  • The players can create their own teams, hire drivers, upgrade their cars, manage strategy and radio orders during a race.
  • Players must compete in more than 45 different championships of increasing difficulty and beat their opponents across 50 racetracks.
  • Changing weather conditions make strategy decisions even more critical.
Motorsport Master Game
Motorsport Master Game

Formerly known as the Interactive Project, Motorsport Gaming became part of Motorsport Network earlier this year.  Motorsport Network has experienced rapid growth in the past two years to become the world’s largest independent automotive and motorsport-related digital platform, connecting hundreds of millions of people that love motorsport and cars.

"Managerial Games are part of our company’s DNA," said Motorsport Gaming CEO Matteo Palumbo.

"Motorsport Master is a crowning achievement for our development team, and we’ll be working on the project constantly to push out new updates and features, including a multiplayer version, to allow our game to be supported on more platforms and devices."

Based in Italy, Motorsport Gaming has a proven track record in the development of motorsports managerial games. It has been working on this title since its recent acquisition by Motorsport Network and this is the second project to be announced as part of the group.

Motorsport Master Game

Motorsport Gaming launched Grand Prix Predictor in April this year. The game is a browser-based fantasy league platform based on the 2017 F1 World Championship. Grand Prix Predictor gives players the chance to compete in a global league or against friends in private leagues – predicting the outcome of race weekends throughout the F1 calendar.

"There are millions of fans around world who watch races on TV or read about it on Motorsport.com and question the decisions of team bosses – now they get the chance to make those key decisions themselves," Motorsport.com editor-in-chief, Charles Bradley said.

"There are so many variables to running a successful race team. Motorsport Master does an awesome job in simulating what it is really like to be at the helm. Do you spend all your budget on car development or hire the best driver or engineer?"

Download for Apple iOS at: http://apple.co/2wxnHHi

Download for Google Android at: http://bit.ly/2x4ouRD

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