A mysterious Opel mule has been spied wearing an Astra body. Some speculation points to the next-generation 2012 Zafira while others reckon it could be an Astra variant.

Speculation is that these spy pictures of an Opel test mule represent the 2012 Zafira. The car features wider wheel arches, with the front one looking a lot more rolled out than the rear. While it might seem unlikely that a Zafira MPV would be dressed up as an Astra, it is plausible if you recall that both are based on General Motors' Delta II platform on which the Volt also sits.

A Coupe is another possibility. Since GM got in trouble Opel has frozen development of high-performance OPC models across the range. That means even if this car was an Astra Coupe it probably would not be the one on steroids.

The Zafira was first produced in the late 1990s as a rival to the likes of Renault Scenic and to a lesser extent the Chrysler Voyager. The one currently in production features high seating positions and a flexible 7-seat arrangement. Engines are a mixed bag of petrol and diesel while an OPC version makes a productive 177kW (241hp) that's channelled to the front wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission.

The next-generation Zafira should appear in the metal in 2011.


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