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Now that the third generation Porsche Cayenne is out and about, it’s time to look at what the German sports car brand plans to do with the luxury SUV in the foreseeable future. In Frankfurt earlier this week, we saw the most powerful variant of the vehicle, the Cayenne Turbo with 550 horsepower (404 kilowatts), and a coupe-like bodystyle might be on the way as well.

Speaking to British publication Autocar, Porsche boss Oliver Blume has confirmed the company “is thinking about” a BMW X6-rivalling Cayenne coupe-SUV, but it has “not decided yet.” First, marketing specialists from the brand need to analyze whether such a model makes a solid business case.

“We analyze different segments and this can be an option in the future. Today, no decision has been taken. We have to make a calculation and talk to our customers,” Blume told Autocar.

In fact, Porsche design boss Michael Mauer has revealed an internal project for a Cayenne coupe is already on the drawing board, waiting for a final decision.

“As a design department, we’re always asked to come up with proposals,” Mauer told the publication. “This is the most attractive part of the job: when the brand asks me to provide design ideas to visualize the product portfolio with no limitations of budgets. For each and every model, we have a lot of ideas. But there has to be a business plan. Yes, we’ve developed a lot of ideas.”

2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo official image
2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo official image
2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo official image

Is Porsche going to further expand its portfolio with another model after the production version of the Mission E? Probably no, according to Blume. “We have had good growth in the last few years, but the number of cars is less important than the needs of customers."

Source: Autocar

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