New drawings of a proposed Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Concept were released by the artist. The sketches show a 1960's era super car ready to tear up the track.

Artist Michael Leonhard first tipped us off to his design sketches of the Plymouth Road Runner Concept back in June.  He has now kicked his drawings up a notch with these renderings, dubbed the Road Runner Superbird Concept.

In Leonhard's mind, he sees his version of the Superbird as a late 60's NASCAR killer.  With a HEMI engine (of course), the artist wanted to create an American style sports car that has muscle and reduced drag.

"[It has] a sleek nose cone that slips into air like a knife through butter; incorporating a spoiler below the centered grille opening," writes Leonhard.  He also integrated an exhaust system into the rocker panel.  The ideally aluminum two-panel rear spoiler is massive, and would create "enormous downforce," he says.

Keeping with the NASCAR look, Leonhard added the Richard Petty-inspired artwork.  If built, the Plymouth Road Runner Superbird Concept would ride on 19-inch white magnesium rims up front, and 21-inchers at back.

Gallery: Plymouth Road Runner SUPERBIRD Concept

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