Daihatsu's Deca Deca Concept is a space utility vehicle that allows for several interior configurations to suit particular occasions. See it first at Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

Daihatsu's Deca Deca Concept is a people mover / utility vehicle with a classic boxy shape. While accommodating passengers may be important, its main focus is on utility. Therefore rearranging the interior to suit the occasion is its forte.

Among other features the Deca Deca has flat floor design, slim fold-away seats that can be laid out in various positions and patterns, and pillarless, side-by-side doors for easy ingress. The cabin space is MPV size and comfortable for passengers.

The engine fitted is a 3-cylinder turbo unit driven by a CVT transmission through to the front wheels. Daihatsu plans to showcase the Deca Deca at the Tokyo Motor Show in a few weeks' time.