Daihatsu will premier the Basket Concept at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Part convertible, part pickup the Basket would be an all-in-one leisure vehicle for the budget conscious.

Budget-conscious people longing for blue skies and wind in their hair might find the Daihatsu Basket Concept right up their alley. Based on the 660cc Mira, the Basket is a four-seater with AWD. It features a removable two-part roof with a hard top up front and a soft piece to cover the rear seats.

Utility is taken care of by a deck behind the rear seats. It can take things like dirty working tools and other handy-man stuff without the owner worrying about scratches.

While a bit of utilitarian character is present, this is still a part-leisure vehicle and as such interior comfort is assured through the relaxing seats and other features.

The Basket will appear at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.