It joins the company's concept sedan that appeared at Frankfurt two years ago.

When an auto manufacturer named Thunder Power decides to build a sport utility vehicle, people probably expect something massive and over-the-top. In this instance, however, Thunder Power isn’t a euphemism for extreme excess, but an ode to the electric nature of its vehicles. We first saw Thunder Power two years ago at Frankfurt when the company unveiled its concept sedan; now the manufacturer is back with an SUV that it simply calls Future Vision. Hey, it’s simple and to-the-point, so we’ll go with it.


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At the core of this concept SUV is the same rolling chassis that underpins the concept sedan, and it’s quite an athletic setup that Thunder Power says is race-inspired. It features a multi-link suspension and provisions for a battery mounted very low for a better center-of-gravity, so it seems the bones are there for something fun. As for power, the manufacturer doesn’t spell out specifics for the SUV, but it claims the sedan can be infused with as much as 576 horsepower and get 400 miles on a single charge.

Those are some seriously impressive numbers, though it’s not entirely clear if those figure are real-world verified, or just estimates. Remember, the sedan concept was unveiled at the 2015 Frankfurt show, and for this year’s event it’s still in concept form.


Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept
Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept
Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept
Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept

We’ll give Thunder Power kudos for design, however. The company’s Italian roots show through with a very posh shape that looks like it could go into production tomorrow. Inside, the Future Vision utilizes a glass cockpit that looks to be plenty luxurious, though rear-seat legroom appears to be borderline torturous for what’s supposed to be a dedicated people mover. And don’t stare directly at the grille, unless you want to wake up sometime next week in a seedy motel room to find your kidney has been stolen.


Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept
Thunder Power Future Vision SUV Concept


Thunder Power showed up to Frankfurt with the SUV, sedan, and a mock-up of the shared chassis. The sedan is said to still be two years away from production, while no timeframe was given for a possible production-ready SUV. Curiously enough, the company said a “special edition coupe” was being prepped for release right now, but it was not at the show.

Source: Thunder Power

Gallery: Thunder Power Future Vision Concept SUV

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Thunder Power reveals electric vehicle range at IAA 2017


Frankfurt, Germany, September 12 2017: After making its debut in 2015, the international electric vehicle manufacturer Thunder Power has returned to Frankfurt to showcase the latest evolution from its premium electric vehicle range. Arriving in full test-camouflage, the first full development prototype of the Thunder Power Sedan was revealed. A stunning new electric SUV also made its world premiere. And to complete the line-up, a rolling chassis exhibited the revolutionary technology of the dedicated EV platform.


Taking the EV further, faster

Thunder Power combines European engineering excellence, timeless Italian design with a Zen-inspired philosophy. The all-new dedicated platform features a 125kWh battery capacity, powering the vehicle to an unprecedented range of up to 650 km (NEDC) - a benchmark for the sector. A choice of motor configurations up to a maximum of 430kW ensures no compromise in driving pleasure for forwardthinking consumers. Exterior styling matches this impressive performance with sweeping, dynamic lines forming an unmistakably powerful silhouette. The instantly recognizable grill is also an icon in the making.

TP-01: Stunning return to IAA

Taking a break from testing duties to make a guest appearance in Frankfurt, TP-01 is the first development prototype produced using pre-series materials and components. Its primary function is testing, development and validation of dynamic & battery performance. With mass production scheduled in under two years, the engineering process is in full swing. Since its debut at IAA 2015, the Thunder Power Sedan has been developed from the original concept vehicle with noticeable styling and aerodynamic enhancements to both the front and rear of the car giving a more mature and striking on-road presence.

SUV: Zen-inspired design

Designed by Thunder Power’s own in-house design team based in Milan, Thunder Power SUV “Future Vision” alpha prototype represents the shape of things to come. Benefitting from the advantages of the modular design of the dedicated platform, the SUV is than natural extension of the range to follow in the footsteps of the Sedan. A unique electrical motor and battery configuration offers unmatched levels of freedom in design – which the company refers to as Intelligent Packaging. Intelligent Packaging maximizes interior space, especially in the rear, with none of the traditional compromises. It allows a center of gravity comparable to that of a sedan, significantly increasing dynamic capabilities and driving pleasure whilst retaining all the advantages of the modern off road vehicle. And it enhances aerodynamics by optimizing air intakes, underbody and overall surface-generated drag.

Chassis, Suspension & Space Frame: Innovation with intelligence

Thunder Power’s core competence lies in its proprietary technologies, this includes the all-new innovative and revolutionary modular chassis and suspension system, showcased at Frankfurt. Engineered in Italy, the race-inspired multi-link suspension features open lower triangle architecture and a closed top triangle at the front, providing maximum flexibility for the design of the cabin.

At the rear, a lower wishbone and top connecting link rod eliminate the need for the top anchor point normally found in a double triangle suspension. Each component has been manufactured using hot forging technology for optimum strength.

Together, the result is a near-perfect balance of driving dynamics: high levels of comfort with the firm suspension that delivers performance car levels of ride and handling. Designed and developed in Germany, the Space Frame structure combines lightweight shaped aluminum with hot forged high-straight steel allowing a total weight reduction of more than 40% compared to the conventional standard.

Limited Launch Edition Coupe

To celebrate the launch of the Thunder Power premium electric vehicle collection, a special edition coupe is now being prepared for release. Strictly limited to just 488 cars globally, the elegant coupe features a 4WD drivetrain with torque-vectoring and is powered by a 488 kW electric powertrain. A refined and spacious interior will be sculpted from the finest Italian leather, customized to each buyer’s personal taste. And every model will have its unique serial number laser-inscribed plaque installed, making each a true collectible.

Global manufacturing facilities

Thunder Power recently opened their brand new manufacturing centre in Ganzhou, in south-eastern China’s Jiangxi province. A multibillion RMB joint venture with the Gannan state industrial fund, the facility provides an emphatic demonstration of the company’s long term commitment to China and the wider Asia Pacific region. In Europe, meanwhile, Chairman & CEO Wellen Sham has signed an agreement with Mr Jordi Baiget, the Catalan Minister for Business and Knowledge for the construction of a second manufacturing site based in Catalonia, Spain.

Thunder Power's affiliate company Electric Power Technology has also recently come to an agreement with the Taoyuan City government to build a new battery pack manufacturing facility in Taiwan.

A word from the Chairman

Speaking at the IAA, Thunder Power Chairman & CEO Wellen Sham says he expects the line up to have a major impact on the booming EV market. “Thunder Power is a new force in the EV industry. We are dedicated to creating outstanding electric vehicles which eliminate the compromise faced by current models. At the same time, we attach great importance to restoring a harmonious balance between modern day transportation and the preservation of nature.”

“IAA Frankfurt is one of the highest profile motor shows, known for showcasing the latest trends and technological industry highlights. So it's a perfect setting for the world premiere of our debut line up of premium electric vehicles to the world’s media, investors and consumers.”