Our colleagues at Motor1-UK are on the scene in Frankfurt, putting together videos on some of the hottest cars at the show.

Audi is giving a glimpse into the present and the future at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. One of the most spectacular and popular models on display here is Audi Aicon concept. It’s basically a four door, four seat saloon that’s reimagined for 2025. 2025 is the year Audi and many other carmakers are suggesting is the time where there will be mass adoption of electrification, and also Level 5 autonomy for autonomous drive.

At the moment there are five stages of autonomy: Level 1 autonomy includes things like park assist, Level 3 autonomy is kind of where we’re at now with technologies like Tesla’s Autopilot, Level 5 autonomy is when you can actually get into a car and the car will drive you A to B without any input from the driver.

The interior has no physical steering wheel because it’s reimagined for a time where no steering wheel is required – basically becoming your third space similar to your home or workplace. Futurists are suggesting that cars like this will become an extra space to chill out and relax in mega cities.

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Now there are still many things to this car that are very concept – i.e. the 26-inch wheels. But there’s a lot of form language here that will stay. There’s these really cool gestures evident in all of the LED graphic details on the car.

Of course it’s battery powered. It uses solid-state batteries which have twice the charging density of lithium-ion batteries. This car has a theoretical range of about 500 miles, and offers inductive charging. The problem we have is that all of this still is conjecture. The technology is here from carmakers like Audi, but now we need the government to hurry up and give us the infrastructure. There’s very little point to having cars like this with inductive charging if there isn’t inductive-charging roads available.

The tech is here, we just need the infrastructure.

Source: Motor1-UK

Gallery: Audi Aicon Concept

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