Kia is fashionably late to the B-SUV party, but now it’s ready to make up for lost time with the cheerful Stonic slated to go on sale in the coming weeks in Europe.  With 1.1 million small crossovers sold last year and a projected +2M by the end of the decade, it goes without saying Kia has high expectations from its brand new model.

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Closely related to the Rio supermini from where it has inherited most of the interior cabin, the Stonic features a distinctive exterior design to separate itself from the hatchback. A multitude of single- or two-tone finishes will be available as Kia says the Stonic represents the brand’s most customizable car to date. To give you an example, there will be no less than 20 two-tone combos on the outside and a choice of five colors for the roof on the Euro-spec model.

Speaking of Europe, the Stonic’s steering and suspension has been tweaked to better suit Europeans and they will be given the opportunity to pick from a wide array of engines. These will include the entry-level 1.25- and 1.4-liter naturally aspirated mills and the pick of the range, a turbocharged 1.0-liter delivering 120 horsepower. In addition, Kia will sell its city-oriented crossover with a 1.6-liter diesel unit.

Like many of its rivals, the Stonic will be available exclusively with a front-wheel-drive layout, but that won’t matter a great deal since people shopping in this segment rarely care about AWD. For those in need of extra grip, crossovers like the Opel Mokka X, Ford EcoSport, and the Suzuki Vitara are better options.

It may not be that big on the outside, but the space inside the cabin has been maximized and you’ll be able to enjoy segment-leading shoulder room. Generous legroom and headroom are also being promised, along with a 352-liter trunk featuring an adjustable floor.

One question remains: Will the Stonic eat into sales of the Soul? There's also the matter of the Venga minivan, which will reportedly be axed as people are now buying small crossovers rather than MPVs.

Source: Kia

Gallery: 2018 Kia Stonic

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Kia Stonic: an eye-catching and confident compact crossover

  • An important conquest model for Kia in a fast-growing segment
  • Eye-catching, confident, SUV-inspired design
  • Combines agile handling and a sporty ride for an exciting drive
  • Powered by a range of gasoline and diesel engines, including 1.0-litre T-GDI
  • Cabin combines style, technology and customisation options
  • Smart packaging for a spacious, versatile cabin
  • Strong, lightweight body with new driver-assistive technologies
  • On sale in Europe during Q3 2017
The new Kia Stonic is an eye-catching and confident compact crossover with true European design flair, and is the most customisable Kia ever, inside and out.
A range of lightweight gasoline and diesel engines are paired with manual transmissions, keeping emissions low and efficiency high. The car’s ride and handling are tuned to maximise driving excitement, with steering and suspension engineered for European tastes. The car’s high-strength steel platform and bodyshell ensure high levels of driving confidence and passenger comfort in all conditions.
The Kia Stonic is one of the smartest cars in its class, with a range of technologies designed to enhance handling, safety, comfort, and convenience. The car’s intelligent packaging results in a spacious cabin and enables a high level of storage versatility.
The product of a close collaboration between Kia’s European and Korean design studios, the Stonic will be manufactured at Kia’s Sohari production facility in Korea. The car is backed by Kia’s quality promise and is sold as standard with the company’s unique 7-Year, 150,000 km warranty. The Stonic goes on sale across Europe during the third quarter of 2017, in a segment that is due to become one of Europe’s largest in the coming years.
The B-SUV segment: Europe’s largest by 2020
The Stonic will be an important conquest model for Kia in one of the newest and fastest-growing vehicle segments. The B-SUV segment currently accounts for 1.1 million new car sales in Europe each year – around 7% of the market – and is due to expand to more than two million annual sales by 2020.
“In terms of sales volumes, the B-SUV market is expected to grow to a similar size as the C-SUV segment by 2021, when more than 1 in 10 new cars sold in Europe will be from the Stonic’s segment,” explains Michael Cole, Chief Operating Officer of Kia Motors Europe. “The B-SUV segment attracts buyers from across the spectrum, with 21% of all customers upsizing from a B-segment supermini, and another 15% downsizing from their C-segment family hatchbacks. Cars like the Stonic also appeal to those looking to replace their compact MPVs.
“This will be one of the most compelling new cars in this rapidly-expanding class, aided by Kia’s unique warranty, and the brand’s reputation for reliability, quality and contemporary design. As the segment expands, the Stonic looks set to become one of our best-selling cars.”