The 2011 MY Ford Fiesta is set for a 2009 LA Auto Show debut. In preparation the Fiesta Movement has been galvanising potential customers and building hype through, among others, online social media.

Ford of North America is betting the new Fiesta will experience the same kind of success at home as it has in other markets around the world. Europe has been particularly good, with figures reflecting it as the continent's second-best selling car.

The first phase of the Fiesta Movement has been running for months now, gathering information about potential customers and generally building hype around the car. As a result social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook have helped collect about 50,000 potential names.

"This is the perfect time to show the North American Fiesta," said Sam De La Garza, Ford Fiesta marketing manager. "The Fiesta Movement will have wrapped up, and after hearing so much about this car leading up to the reveal, everyone will finally get to see what we are so excited about."

The Movement's next mission which kicks off this month includes a behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft's latest Forza racing game featuring the Fiesta, an exclusive glimpse at the making of the song "They're Everywhere" with Izza Kizza and a mission involving checking out a Detroit Lions game with a former player.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta will be introduced to the US at the 2009 LA Auto Show and sales begin during the spring of 2010.


Ford Fiesta to Make North American Debut at L.A. Auto Show