It’s often said that the first auto race took place after the second car was built. Whether or not that’s actually true, nobody knows. What is known, however, is that people in general are competitive. Yes, even the car haters who stumbled upon this article by accidentally searching for fast hearse instead of fat horse. For the record, we don’t want to know why you were searching for a fat horse. And frankly, you should be very thankful autocorrect brought you here instead.


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That brings us to the curious creation headlining this article. The Jalopnik crew made us aware of this video that features a whole bunch of unexpected cars tackling the Nurburgring. Among them was this Audi 80, which at some point in its history was modified to carry, well, you know. We have the video above set to start when the Audi enters the scene, and we’re not entirely sure what is more interesting here – the fact that a hearse was turning laps at the Green Hell, or that it has a clear backside to display the dearly departed. Actually, scratch that. The most interesting aspect of this machine is the slogan on the back that reads “we put the fun in funeral.”

According to Jalopnik’s report, this car was purchased by Jamie Orr, who apparently has a thing for oddball German rides. He bought this car last month in Spain and ultimately shipped it to the U.S., where he lives. Obviously the trip included a stop at the Nurburgring, because let’s be honest. If you just bought an Audi hearse in Europe, you’d take it to the ‘Ring too.

And you’d make darn sure you were the fastest hearse there, because after all, we’re competitive like that.

Source: Jalopnik, Auto Addiction via YouTube


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