Our colleagues at Motor1 UK are on the scene in Frankfurt, putting together videos on some of the hottest cars at the show.

BMW has brought many things to the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, but one of the most exciting is the all-new 2018 BMW M5. It’s a little bit more powerful than the last one with 592 horsepower and 553 pound-feet – which is lots – and it’ll do 0-62 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds. Top speed is 155 mph, or if you select the "Driver’s Package," it’ll do 190 mph – which is lots and lots and lots.


But how is it managing all of that power? Well, it has all-wheel drive. It’s the first proper M car that drives all four wheels. There are a number of driving modes you can play with – like Sport and Sport + – but if you’re worried about losing some of that rear-wheel drive fun, well, don’t because there’s another driving mode which is rear drive only, and specifically for the racetrack. That means you can still have plenty of fun and do lots of really, really, really big skids.

It’s also got a new eight-speed ZF gearbox, which means those gear changes will be super slick and amazing. The ‘18 model is 25 kilograms lighter than the car it replaces. Hopefully it’ll feel a little bit stiffer and a little bit more fun in the corners.

But what about its rivals?

There’s the outgoing Audi RS6 performance that has comparable power but less torque. The big one – the Mercedes E63 AMG S thing – that’s got a little bit more power at just over 600 and around the same torque. It’s also got all-wheel drive and a rear-wheel-drive-only mode as well. So those two are going to have it out on the racetrack one day and I cannot wait to be there, and hopefully not spin too many times.

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On the outside, it’s very clearly a BMW 5 Series, and that’s a good thing because it’s a handsome looking car. The Touring a little more so, but I can live with the saloon. But, the guys at the M division have gone to town on it so it’s a lot more aggressive. There’s M detailing on the functional side air vents, and a lovely little spoiler, a massive rear diffuser, and the party piece of any M car – the quad exhausts.

Inside, it looks very sporty. It looks so cool. The unique gear lever screams M sport, power and fun. There’s also all the carbon detailing you’d want in a sporty sedan. There’s also a little M badge embedded into the front headrests.

Hopefully the M guys made the car handle as well as it looks.

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Gallery: 2018 BMW M5

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