Crossover variant of the Honda Accord faces criticism of its design while Honda trumpets the model's practicality

More photos and details on the upcoming Honda Accord Crosstour have been released, this time with images of the interior cabin.

Following a largely negative reaction to the Crosstour's design by car enthusiasts and critics alike, who have plainly called it ugly, Honda is trying to mitigate the damage by promoting the practicality of the vehicle. It refers to the Crosstour's design as a "sleek and aerodynamic shape that blends sporty, low-profile contours with versatile [crossover] functionality." But it's consumers who will have the ultimate say about its looks and what their judgement will be remains to be seen.

The Crosstour is the crossover variant of the Honda Accord and features a spacious cabin that seat 5 and also comes with what Honda calls a Hidden Removable Utility Box in the trunk - a storage box that fits 8-inches into the floor of the vehicle.

Powering the range-topping Accord variant will be Honda's 3.5 liter i-VTEC V-6 engine. The Crosstour will also be available as an all-wheel drive.

The model goes on sale in the U.S. market in November.


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