Mazda3 is beating its own sales records in Australia, while taking an important award for safety against tough opposition. It beat Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, and Holden Commodore to the line.

Mazda has scored another safety victory in Australia after news that its Mazda3 came out tops in a crash-avoidance safety evaluation test, filtered through. The tests were done by Australia’s Wheels magazine, attending to the country’s 12 best sellers. Mainly aimed at checking out active safety systems, the tests are run to determine the vehicle best equipped to avoid accidents such as emergency braking, a child running on to the street etc. The winning car outperformed rivals Mitsubishi Lancer, Ford Focus, Toyota Corolla and Holden’s Astra. Moreover it beat the Holden Commodore, Australian legend and oft-sales leader. Mazda6 won this particular contest in 2005.

“Distil down all the WASP results and the Mazda3 Maxx Sport gives you a lot of in-built real-world active safety margin in a comfortable package that's easy on the eyes and wallet,” said Jesse Taylor, Wheels magazine deputy editor.

Mazda3’s successes come in heaps it seems, as the car also led a record month with a 2,825 sales contribution to Mazda’s overall 7,022 total for the month of February 2008. Mazda3 has sold over 121,000 units since its Australian introduction in January 2004.

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