Oh to live the life of Jay Leno. Not only does he have an epic car collection of his own, he seems to have no problem finding people with amazing cars that he somehow doesn’t own who will gladly hand him the keys for a test drive. The subject of this video is a 2003 Ferrari Enzo, owned by a gentleman named David Lee who presumably has better taste in cars than he does in clothes. Leno wastes no time in calling out Lee’s day-glo yellow shirt with vertical stripes matching the Italian flag, and then he digs on the guest for not wearing socks. But hey, when you own an Enzo, such things don't matter.


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We’re getting sidetracked, because the real spectacle to behold here is the Ferrari. Leno makes a great point in the video about just how quickly cars – and notably supercars – are evolving these days. In 2003 the Enzo’s carbon fiber body, carbon ceramic brakes, 3,000-pound curb weight and 660-horsepower naturally aspirated V12 were monumental. These days, well, it’s still monumental, but easily overshadowed in a world with 1,000-plus horsepower hypercars.

We could talk about the banter between Leno and Lee, which actually takes an eyebrow-raising turn at one point when Leno seems a bit surprised to say the Enzo is a mid-engined supercar. Instead we’ll jump to the action, and to the credit of both men, this extremely rare, extremely expensive machine isn’t simply paraded around a quiet street. The car has over 5,000 miles on it, which for something like an Enzo is quite a lot and Leno isn't shy in guiding the car through busy California streets, including a few nice acceleration runs on the highway that occur around the 15-minute mark.


Ferrari Enzo at Jay Leno's Garage
Ferrari Enzo at Jay Leno's Garage


We can’t help but notice that Lee looks a bit uncomfortable from time to time during the drive. Maybe that’s because the 660-horsepower Enzo was still wearing its original tires, which were apparently a touch on the hardened side and not terrifically capable of handling the V12’s output. Or it could simply be the side effect of letting someone else drive your $3 million hypercar down crowded California highways. In either case, we’ll never turn down some quality video of a V12 Ferrari being exercised, so it’s well worth the time to watch and enjoy.


Source: Jay Leno’s Garage via YouTube

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