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The Arotech Corporation has unveiled the new Tiger Light Protected Vehicle (LPV).

Based on the Dodge Ram 5500, the Tiger features mine and blast protection, five doors, and a spacious cabin with room for up to nine crew members.

Specifications include a 350 hp Cummins diesel engine, a 127" wheelbase, and an 8.8 ton GVWR which allows for a 1.5 ton payload or 6 passengers and 900 kg (1984 lbs) of equipment. The optional 10.4 ton GVW upgrade has reactive armor, that defeats RPG rockets and EFP charges.

If you want offensive capabilities, Arotech offers gun-ports, a roof-mounted remote controlled weapon station, and a man-operated gun turret.

While pricing information wasn't released, Arotech says the Ram 5500 platform "ensures widespread support and cost effective maintenance."

Check out the press release for full details

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