After a couple of revealing teasers, the Kia Proceed Concept is here to show every beautiful line on its “extended hot hatch” body painted in Lava Red. Weird terminology aside, the showcar takes the shape of a low-slung wagon bound to replace today’s pro cee’d and it will most likely happen in 2018 or 2019. Kia says it has made this decision because people are moving away from the three-door compact coupe body style to search for something different, which is why the new generation will be transformed inside and out.


While it probably won’t look nearly as nice as the concept, there are reasons to believe it will be one of the prettiest cars to ever carry the Kia badge, right up there with the new Stinger. The showcar debuting today in Frankfurt has been envisioned in the hot GT specification riding on large 20-inch wheels with a central-locking nut. To give it a sleek body, the handles sit flush with the doors while the roofline resembles that of a shooting brake, but with rear doors to further boost practicality over the coupe available today.

The short front overhang enhances the sporty vibe and is combined with an elongated rear as one would expect from a wagon featuring a generous trunk. Some of the interesting features implemented by Kia worth mentioning would have to be the illuminated outline of the greenhouse and the massive glass roof. As for getting in and out of the Proceed concept, it should be a breeze thanks to the absence of conventional B-pillars.

Kia Proceed concept
Kia Proceed concept

Once you’re inside, there are four individual seats covered in more than 100 meters of black elastane fabric, which was cut and applied by hand. The Lava Red theme continues on the inside and we see it on the door panels as well as on the minimalist dashboard with very few physical controls. The concept’s cabin oozes high-tech thanks to a fully digital instrument cluster joined by a wide display for the infotainment system.

Numerous aluminum accents are noticeable on many areas of the interior, including on the three engraved flacons mounted on the passenger’s side. According to Kia, these contain the smell of aged leather, an oily fragrance, and motorsport fuel – all for the purpose of making the concept sportier. No word just yet about what powers the Proceed, but it doesn’t really matter since it’s only a concept, a gorgeous one at that.

Source: Kia

Gallery: 2017 Kia Proceed concept

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World debut for Kia Proceed Concept in Frankfurt

  • Extended hot hatch presents a new body type for Kia
  • Low, lean and lithe – concept characterised by its rakish roofline, muscular proportions and compact footprint
  • Hints at the design of the next-generation cee’d
  • ‘Luminline’ feature creates an illuminated outline of concept’s glasshouse
  • Choice of cabin materials inspired by bespoke tailoring and haute couture
  • ‘Memory Bank’ indulges passengers’ senses, evoking power, passion and performance with familiar motorsport-inspired aromas
Kia Motors has unveiled the Proceed Concept today at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Making its world debut in Frankfurt, and designed at Kia’s European design centre just 500 metres away from the Kia stand, the Proceed Concept indicates what the next-generation cee’d could look like.
Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe for Kia Motors, commented: “The Proceed Concept is our bold and engaging vision for a potential member of the next generation cee’d family. Embodying the spirit and athleticism of the current pro_cee’d, the Proceed Concept is an extended hot hatch that encapsulates Kia’s performance spirit. It’s an ambassador of all our emotion, our passions and our dynamic values. It’s the pro_cee’d reborn, more beautiful than ever before.
“The pro_cee’d has always been Kia’s performance halo model in the cee’d family. Since its debut in 2008 it has embodied all our driving passion, and the model that succeeded it in 2012 extended this dynamic lineage. However, with many European drivers seeking alternatives to the traditional three-door hot hatch, we began thinking about a new halo model.
“The extended hot hatch you see here could be an alternative for us. It’s a third body type - one that retains the athleticism of the pro_cee’d, but reworked and reimagined to combine a striking new visual presence with a dash of real-world versatility. The Proceed Concept is our vision of how the vibrant spirit of the pro_cee’d could be reincarnated and revitalised for a new generation of drivers,” continues Guillaume.
Exterior design: imposing proportions and compact proportions
Low, lean and lithe, the five-door Proceed concept marries its imposing proportions with a compact footprint that hints at its outright agility. The silhouette of the car is complemented by a series of distinctive design cues. The highlight line that frames the glasshouse extends to the rear tailgate, enhancing the car’s dynamic proportions. Together with the glass roof, the acutely angled ‘Sharkblade’, complete with GT logo, reinforces its lack of B-pillars. This in turn emphasises the dramatic roofline as its flows in to the rear shoulders. Lateral strakes further exaggerate the Proceed Concept’s slim waistline, and lend an air of muscularity to the rear of the car.
Daytime running lights have become a key element in a car’s identity, helping other drivers easily identify Kia models, by day and night. However, in low light conditions, cars viewed from the side often lack bold design cues. The Proceed Concept uses light to highlight its fastback shape. Guillaume comments: “This inspired us to take a step further and develop what we call the ‘Luminline’ – an illuminated outline of the Proceed concept’s glasshouse that greets drivers as they approach the car. This serves as a powerful nocturnal visual identifier when the car is on the move.”
Further tactile and visual highlights include atmospherically backlit headlamps in red, stacked rear air vents, and large six-spoke, 20-inch alloy wheels with central locking nut. The rippled surface of its rear light strip is inspired by molten ferromagnetic metal.
Its stance and proportions may be new, but the Proceed Concept features many of Kia’s now familiar design motifs. The iconic ‘tiger nose’ grille, the sculpted ‘island’ bonnet inspired by the Stinger, the castellated windscreen, the full-length roof glazing, and Kia’s inimitable mix of curvaceous sheetmetal and taut creases. Each element singles out the Proceed Concept as a truly modern Kia.
The Proceed Concept’s body, including the low-mounted ‘Wingcams’, is coated in unique Lava Red paintwork. The result of a highly complex, week-long paintshop process, Lava Red combines 19 hand-applied layers of black, chrome-effect silver and red tinted lacquer for a glossy and lustrous paint finish. Incredibly sensitive to changing light conditions, its depth and metallic sheen further enhances the Proceed Concept’s contours and curves.
Interior design: inspired by bespoke tailoring and haute couture
“Colour and trim played a key role in the development of the car, and our discussions on the look and feel of the Proceed Concept’s cabin took place at the same time as our talks on exterior form. The two dovetailed together perfectly, which is not always the case,” explains Guillaume.
“Inspired by the world of bespoke tailoring and haute couture, we decided on a truly unique cabin environment enriched with materials used in innovative and unconventional ways – methods that might be familiar to fashion houses, but not in the automotive arena.”
The seats are wrapped in more than 100 metres of black elastane fabric, cut, trimmed and tailored by hand to create rippled and ruched upholstery, producing a striking contrast with the sleek and shiny instrument panel.
The Lava Red bodywork creates a bold visual link between the Proceed Concept’s exterior design and its interior. Inspired by the visceral power and drama of an erupting volcano, the cabin’s striking colour palette combines fiery reds higher up with charcoal greys and velvet blacks further below. Finished in the same Lava Red as the bodywork, both the dashboard and steering column create the impression of the bonnet flowing into the cabin. The door linings are covered in glossy hand-painted fabric, graduating from solid black near the window line through to reflective red in the footwells.
The instrument and horizontal infotainment panels illustrate three intuitive, colour-coded driving modes – Lava Red for ‘GT’ mode, Forest Green for ‘Eco’ mode, and Ghost White for ‘Autonomous’ mode.
The four individual, interlinked seats feature a contoured welcoming wave – a hat-tip to the Kia Provo concept, unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The split backrests of the seats are held in place by metal exoskeletons to reinforce a sense of structural strength and material lightness.
The concept of combining lightness and strength is carried through to the minimalist and intelligently configured floating centre console. This clean and ergonomically-designed unit houses the Proceed Concept’s aluminium controls, which draw inspiration from the haptic, machined actions of top-end audio controls. The uncluttered console is itself supported by a visible carbon fibre spine that runs the full length of the car’s interior.
The Proceed Concept is a car that unashamedly appeals to the heart of the driver. While Kia embraces the future, it also knows how important it is to treasure the past. Performance cars are all about indulging the senses, and smell is the most powerful sense humans have for evoking memories. Guillaume and his team has recreated the ‘Memory Bank’ for the Proceed Concept – a flush-mounted shelf housed within the dashboard, containing a trio of evocative aromas.
“Each of these three engraved flacons contains a scent synonymous with power, passion and performance; aromas that any petrolhead will instantly recognise,” describes Guillaume. “There’s the warm musky smell of aged leather, the oily fragrance of a garage that’s home to a classic car, and the tang of high-octane motorsport fuel. This is about automotive passion and the love of car culture.”
“The idea behind the Proceed Concept is the same idea that’s behind all of our concept cars – it’s to challenge people’s perceptions of Kia and start conversations around what is and what could be,” says Guillaume. “Because that is what Kia’s power to surprise is all about.”
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